Beskar Steel Ingot (Damascus Steel)

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NEW LOOK! This is my new and improved genuine forged Damascus Beskar Steel. This new ingot is folded more than the previous version and this results in a thinner and more fluid pattern throughout the ingot. Beskar steel ingot made with forged Damascus steel! Please note that the supplied photos are sample photos only!

Since this is handmade and forged there will always be some variations in the pattern of the Beskar steel. I have spent many hours looking at screen grabs of the show trying to figure out the proportions and logo designs. While this is thinner than the ingots depicted in the show, I believe I have achieved a perfect weight and authentic feel of a Beskar ingot.

All the details from the show are featured on this prop with the imperial logo stamped on the front and the two indents located on the back of the ingot. This would make a great gift, prop for cosplay or as a display piece for your baby Yoda shrine.

Please check out my Etsy page for all my testimonials!

The dimensions and specs of the ingot are:

- 11cm Tall

- 5.6cm Wide

- 0.6cm Deep

- ~300g Weight

- Made from 1095 and 15n20 steel

I hope you enjoy!

Shipping Times: These are all handmade and dispatch times may vary. Please allow roughly 1-3 weeks for dispatch. 


Protection & Maintenance: These ingots are not made from stainless steel, so there is a risk of rust. I seal the ingots with mineral oil before shipment as this protects them from rust. However, this coating is mostly removed prior to shipping so that ingots are shipped 'dry'. While I myself have not encountered any issues with rust, it is possible for rust to occur if the ingots are exposed to water without protection. Mineral oil will also enhance the colour of your Beskar Steel by creating deeper blacks!