Saber Sale!

Currently running a massive sale on our last remaining light sabers! Most of the styles have already sold out, only one remaining stock for most styles. Head on over to our Saber catalog to secure your deal.


All I can say is wow. I had a resin one that was my pride and joy. After sitting it next to this proper damascus beskar ingot it can't compare. Pure Muclunkey doodoo. Yes it will take time to ship. Yes the seal will stamp different some better some less. This is a handmade item and unique so if u really want a proper metal beskar prop this is your best bet. Keep this seller busy hes a true craftsman. Post it up everywhere maybe Favroe may see it and buy a few. Haha. Best purchase I've made in long time. Thank you. Will have to pick up a few more once covid ends and money comes back into my pockets. Or would you trade some calamari flan?


This is the way.
This is literally the best beskar repro I have seen, bar none. I have been looking for, and buying, a variety of different types in different metals and materials to get the "right one" for some time now. This beskar is the most accurate, in both look and spirit, to what we see in the show.
A true work of art.


Great transaction, the seller is courteous and attentive. the object and carefully packaged and it is beautiful. top quality / price ratio


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