About Us


Hi everyone and welcome to my website! My name is Owen and I am the creator and owner of Zero5. 

Zero5 started when I was driven by a passion to produce a quality replica prop for the Star Wars Mandalorian tv series. From there I've seen unimaginable support from the community and can't wait to expand into new areas.

I look forward to providing each and every customer a product that is uniquely theirs and reflects the quality and beauty of my store. 


Damascus Steel

All Damascus products have been hand forged. This means each item will have a unique pattern and character. No item is the same, so you can rest assured you have a one of a kind piece with every purchase. 

Damascus steel has been used in many TV shows and movies to give blades and props the visual appeal of being from a fictional world. From the Beskar steel of the Mandalorian to the Valerian Steel of Game of Thrones, these props all evoke emotion and awe when seen on screen. 

While the metal may appear to be of a fictional nature, It is very present in the real world and has been for many years. There is much debate around Damascus steel regarding its origin and true crafting methods. Damascus steel is known for its incredible strength and beauty. This is attained from a lengthy process of folding and forging two metals together. Staying true to the art of forging, you can be sure that all Damascus steel made by Zero5 is hand made.