Acrylic Beskar Display Case

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Have you been looking for the perfect way to display your Beskar? Then look no further!

Designed by myself in collaboration with an engineer friend of mine, we've made this case to precision. We've also made sure that this case pays significant homage to its roots in the universe it came from. The piano black backing plate of the case is a single piece of acrylic, allowing for a seamless flow and transition to the featured cut out. The milled back pattern draws design elements from Imperial star ships, a pattern you'll find frequently throughout the franchise. Two evenly spaced standoffs elevate your Beskar and allow you you change the angle at which it is displayed. When designing this, I tried to achieve a minimal yet striking design. The result is certainly something that would be found on imperial officer's work desk.

Of course, this isn't only for show! The clear acrylic front cover acts as a means of protection from the elements with a locating tab to seat the box nicely.

I have also left enough space at the bottom of the ingot for a metal engraving plate should you decide to display your ingot this way. However, I believe the minimalist black design offers the most authentic representation of something we would find a long time ago in galaxy far, far away.


(Ingot not included)