Beskar Steel Ingot Keychain(Damascus Steel)

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Genuine forged Damascus Beskar Steel!!

What would the Mandalorian have on the keys to his Razor Crest? A Beskar Steel keychain of course! This keychain is made using the same process as the larger ingots. The ratios have been matched as closely to the larger ingots as possible. Key features of the larger ingots have been included on this keychain including the imperial logo on the front and back engravings.

All keychains are hand forged so there will be slight variations of pattern on the Damascus steel. All orders will come with a keychain and chain link pre-attached.

Dimensions & Specs:

Length - 5.5cm

Width - 2.6cm

Depth - 0.4cm

Weight ~60 grams

Steel used - 1095 & 15n20 steel

I hope you enjoy!


Shipping Times: These are all handmade and dispatch times may vary. Please allow roughly 1-3 weeks for dispatch. 


Protection & Maintenance: These ingots are not made from stainless steel, so there is a risk of rust. I seal the ingots with mineral oil before shipment as this protects them from rust. However, this coating is mostly removed prior to shipping so that ingots are shipped 'dry'. While I myself have not encountered any issues with rust, it is possible for rust to occur if the ingots are exposed to water without protection. Mineral oil will also enhance the colour of your Beskar Steel by creating deeper blacks!